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Question :  Is RMsis available in different languages other than English?  

Answer : 

  • At present RMsis is localised for English only.

  • An issue RMI-166 is already logged to provide Internationalization / Localization support or support for other languages .

  • However, in the current implementation, in terms of language support for content, multibyte / UTF-8 is supported and you should not face any issue on this front.

  • Hence you can create a database with UTF-8 character set and enter/ view characters of different languages for various fields and attributes.
  • However, the Menu Options and Error messages are embedded into the application and will remain in English.
  • Note :
    • In order to help us to prioritise the issues/ feature requests, if this issue is not tracked against your ID in our CRM, please let us know by sending a mail to <>
      • Once you inform us, this issue will be tracked against your ID. 
      • Subsequently, we will keep you abreast of the development of this issue and will inform you once the fix for this issue is available.


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