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  • Importing hierarchy of requirements in RMsis
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Question : Can I import hierarchy of requirements (containers and requirements) in RMsis?

Answer :

  • If you are using RMsis 1.7.7-r205 or later versions of RMsis, you will be able to import indented requirements (or hierarchical requirements) using the CSV import functionality in RMsis.

  • If you want to import hierarchy of requirements, then you can use the "Indentation Level" field.

  • Please make sure that the CSV file to be imported satisfies the following points before you import it in RMsis : 
    • You will need to specify the hierarchy level of requirements in the column "Indentation Level" within the CSV file.
    • Please note that the value specified in the column "Indentation Level" within the CSV file should be in proper order and should not break the hierarchy levels in between (i.e. there should not be any gaps in the hierarchy levels specified in the field "Indentation Level"). 
    • The "Indentation Level" for root requirement (or requirement at highest level of hierarchy) is 0. The indentation level increases in ascending order. i.e. the requirements under root requirement will have indentation level 1 and so on.
    • Also, the "Indentation Level" field should not be left blank/ empty for any requirement.
    • If a requirement exists below a requirement having "Indentation level" = 0 , then this requirement can have indentation level 0 or 1 but it can not have indentation level above 1.
  • Please note that, in the present implementation of RMsis,
    • When a user indents a requirement then the parent requirement becomes a container and some attributes may not be available. Moreover, the containers are not versioned.
    • The requirements exist only at the leaf level and the non leaf requirements are treated as containers and not as requirements.
    • A detailed information for organizing requirements in RMsis is available here :
  • Note :
    • If you are using an earlier version of RMsis, then please upgrade to RMsis 1.7.7-r205 or later to be able to import indented requirements (or hierarchical requirements).
      • Please take a backup of your RMsis database before upgrading it.
    • The earlier versions had a bug due to which indented requirements were not imported properly in RMsis.
    • This bug has been resolved in RMsis 1.7.7-r205 and later versions of RMsis.
    • The latest version of RMsis can be downloaded from Atlassian market place :
    • The latest version of RMsis can also be downloaded from our website by visiting the following link :
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