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Question : I have changed/ upgraded the Server where JIRA / RMsis is installed and now I am getting an error "Invalid License Key".

Answer :

  • Whenever RMsis system code changes, you need to generate/ install a new license key.
  • The RMsis system code is dependent on the RMsis Base URL / RMsis Host Name / Reverse Proxy Host Name + the Port Number on which it is configured. 
  • Probably one of these have changed when you changed/ upgraded your server, resulting into a different system code and hence the license is invalid.
  • Please contact to enable regeneration of your RMsis License key.
  • Once we enable regeneration of key against your license, you can login into our CRM [] using your ID and regenerate license key for the new system code .

  • In order to update your license key, please click on RMsis (Jira menu Bar) > RMsis Home > RMsis Administration > Configuration > Update License Key and insert the new license key.

  • Please contact if your issue is not resolved or if you face any other issues.
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