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  • Messages displayed for synchronisation of JIRA Issues with RMsis
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Question : When I switch to the Planned requirements table in a project in RMsis, I see a message "Project not in sync with JIRA ". How can I sync this project?  

Answer : 

  • "Project not in sync with JIRA" is displayed if the issues of the selected project have not been synced with JIRA.

  • The JIRA issues are synced with RMsis project by project.

  • "Project sync in progress.." is displayed if the issues of the selected project are presently being synced with JIRA.

  • After the sync is completed, these messages will not appear.

  • If the issues are being synced for first time, this may take longer depending upon the number of issues in the project.

  • If there are large number of projects with large number of JIRA issues, then it may take time to start and then complete the sync process.

  • It is possible that the sync was not started/ completed due to some issue in your instance of RMsis.

  • In order to resolve this issue, please switch to Project Configuration tab in RMsis and click on Reset Sync button to explicitly start the sync process once again and check after some time if you still receive this message.

  • If the issue is not resolved, then in order to help us to investigate the cause of this issue, please send us the log files using RMsis Menu > Send Log Files.

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