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  • One of the user in RMsis is not able to view all requirements
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Question :  One of the user in RMsis can only see some of the Requirements (and not all the requirements) in both the Requirements tab, and the Traceability tab. We have tried resetting filters but this had no effect. How can this user view all the requirements in RMsis?

Answer :

  • This issue can occur if the role assigned to this user in the project in RMsis does not have permission to view all requirements.
  • In order to verify if this user has proper permission, 
    • Login to JIRA and RMsis and switch to the project in which this user is facing this issue.
      • You should log in using the ID of the manager of the project in RMsis.
      • By default, the user who is Project Lead for a project in JIRA becomes the manager for that project within RMsis.
      • The project manager has the rights to view and assign roles to a user within a project in RMsis.
    • The project manager can view/assign role to a user within the project by switching to RMsis Home > Project configuration and then scrolling down to "Manage Project Users Roles" table.
    • Now check if this user is assigned some role in this project in RMsis.
    • Now, switch to RMsis Administration > Roles and check if the role assigned to the user has permissions to view all requirements.
      • If you want this user to be able to view all requirements, the permissions : "View All Planned Requirement" and "View All UnPlanned Requirement" should be enabled for the role assigned to this user.
    • If this user does not have role with required permission, please assign this user with appropriate role from the project configuration view in RMsis.
    • A detailed explanation about role management in RMsis is available here :
    • A detailed explanation about permission and their assignment to roles is available here :
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