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  • Resolving RMsis-Confluence Connection issue
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Macros inside confluence related to RMsis-Confluence plugin fail to retrieve data from RMsis server throwing an error: RMsis Macro - Connection to RMsis failed.


This is possible if no Application Link exists between JIRA & Confluence. Application Links (sometimes called "AppLinks") allows you to link Atlassian applications to each other. Please check and verify if application link exists or not.

If applications link already exists, then it may be an issue of old/previous data saved in AppLink cache. In such case, the AppLink Cache needs to be cleared. In order to clear the AppLink cache, you can perform following steps :

  1. Open a sample Confluence page, click on Edit button.
  2. Now click on "Insert more content" menu and then click on "Other Macros"
  3. Search for "JIRA" macro (This macro can be used to embed JIRA issues)
  4. Use this macro to embed an existing JIRA issue in your sample Confluence page.
  5. Now try to use RMsis Plugin for Confluence.

If the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the issue, then you have re-create the application link to clear AppLink Cache.

  • Recreate the application link by deleting the existing one and then creating it again.

Steps to Re-Create application link between JIRA server and Confluence server is mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Administration > Applications area in JIRA Software and click on Application links.
  2. Delete the existing link by clicking on cross(x) button.
  3. Enter the URL for the confluence application and click Create new link.
  4. Complete the application link creation wizard and try again.


If the issue still persists, try updating Application Link with different user credentials AND/OR Change the type of the Application Link being used by you.

  • To do so, click on edit button of the newly created Application Link.

Detailed description regarding setting up application link is available at: