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  • Accessibility Support in RMsis
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RMsis provides enhanced Accessibility Options. A brief description of the same is presented below:

Enhanced Keyboard Handling

  • TAB and ESC keys work as implemented in RMsis and as per the default browser behavior.
  • Arrow keys can be used to navigate inside the Datatable.
    • Within the Datatable, arrow keys can be used for navigation and the currently selected cell will be highlighted.
    • Enter key can be used in highlighted cell to simulate a click event.
  • Known limitations
    • The users may face issues regarding navigation and usage of [RMI-1916]
      • Drop Down Lists
      • Date panels
      • Attachment panels

Audio Support

  • Audio support should work well within the main RMsis Application.
  • Known limitations
    • The users may face issues, while using the Datatables [RMI-1917]

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