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  • Export Test Cases to another Project
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Using this feature you can export a set of Test Cases from one project to another. This feature is useful from Test Case re-usability perspective as well.

Overview of Implementation

  1. The operation will create a new Id for Test Cases in the new project.
  2. The attachments will also be copied.
  3. The versioning of test cases will not be preserved in new project.

    1. If you have created multiple versions of a test case, then different versions of a test case will be created as separate test cases in the new project.

  4. System will preserve the Committed / Un-Committed state of the Test Case.

User Interface

  1. Notes and Recommendations
    1. It is highly recommended that all the desired Test Cases should be exported in one single operation. It is easier to delete a Test Case in the target project than iterating through the process.
  2. The Test Cases export process is described below:
    1. Use multi-select to select all Test Cases you wish to export.
    2. Click on "More Operations > Export" from the Table Menu Bar.
    3. Select the target project in which you wish to export test cases.
    4. Click on "Submit" button
    5. The selected Test Cases will be appended to the Test Cases Table of target project.

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