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  • Export and Import of Test Steps
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When Test Cases are exported in CSV format, the test step data gets exported along with Test Cases in a Pivot Table format, like

TC - Id.... ...TS - IdTS - Sequence NumberTS - ActionTS - Expected ResultsTS - Custom Field 1TS - Custom Field 2


While importing this data into a project:

  • If TC - Id OR TC - External Id is not mapped, then
    • the Test Steps cannot be imported.
  • If TC-ID/External-ID is mapped and a TC-ID/External-ID already exist, and
    • if TS-ID is mapped and

      • if TS-ID column is left blank in the CSV file and other fields have been entered, then a new Test Step(TS-ID) is created against this TC-ID/External-ID.

      • if TS-ID already exists, then the data is updated.

      • if TS-ID doesn’t exists, then an error will be generated.

    • if TS-ID is not mapped,

      • the existing test steps will be retained and new test steps (specified in the CSV file) will be created.

  • Sequence number may not be mapped to the target, it will be auto-generated.
  • Rest of the fields may or may not be mapped, depending on the user's choice. These include
    • TS - Action
    • TS - Expected Results
    • TS - Custom Fields
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