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  • Exporting Requirements to another project
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Using this feature you can export a set of Requirements from one project to another. This feature is useful from Requirement re-usability perspective as well. Please see (reference) #1 at the bottom of this page.

Overview of Implementation

  1. The operation will create a new Id for Requirements in the new project.
  2. System will maintain link to source requirement in the back end.
  3. This link is stored to prevent redundancy and is not visible in UI.
  4. If another copy of a requirement already exists in the target project, the system will return an error.
  5. The hierarchy will be preserved, depending upon the user preference.
  6. The attachments will also be copied.
  7. Regarding the links / relationships/ comments, system will provide an option to select the ones desired to be carried over to the exported entity.
  8. In the case of iterative export of a second requirement in the same hierarchy, the system will

    • consider hierarchy as a container and perform checks only at the leaf level.

    • So a second requirement will append another hierarchy in the target project.

User Interface

  1. Notes and Recommendations
    1. It is highly recommended that all the desired requirements should be exported in one single operation. It is easier to delete a requirement in the target project than iterating through the process.
  2. The requirements export process is described below:
    1. Use multi-select to select all Requirements you wish to export.
    2. Choose "Export to Another Project" from the Table Menu.
    3. When prompted , select the target project and click on "Submit".
    4. The selected requirements and their hierarchy will be appended to the Planned Requirements table of target project.
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