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There could be error conditions (although occurrence is rare), where the RMsis Database becomes out of sync with JIRA database. This functionality is provided to initiate forced resynchronization of issues in a specific project.


  1. In RMsis logs, search for the following string "noOfIssues:-1". In case of issues, the search will return the following string pattern:
    1. AsyncProcessorImpl.asyncSyncArtifactsInChunks_aroundBody4(67) | Transaction thread complete: projectId:3 noOfIssues:-1
  2. If it is found, then the synchronization should be triggered by respective Project Manager / Administrator.


  1. Login as Project Manager / Administartor
  2. On RMsis page, goto RMsis Home > Project Configuration
  3. Click on Reset Sync as shown below.

Hotfix for RMI-3324

The error cases are now handled and the project will be resynchronized, when a user accesses Reverse Traceability tab.


This functionality is released along with a hotfix for RMI-3324 as RMsis

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