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  • Functions and User Permissions
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Users can define roles and can configure the permissions as per the organizational practices.

A typical testing team comprises of team members with different roles and hence requiring access to different functions. Consequently, the system should provide an option to configure permissions for different roles. A tentative scheme is proposed below:

FunctionTest Lead / Test ManagerTesting Team MemberTester
View Test CasesYYY
Create Test CaseYY
Update Test CaseYY
Delete Test CaseYY
Commit Test CaseYY
Map to RequirementsYY
View Test Cycle StatusYYY
Create Test CycleY

Update Test Cycle (Add / Update Test Cases)YY
Update Test Cycle StatusYYY
Delete Test CycleY

Commit and Archive Test CycleY

Log issue against a Test CaseYYY
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