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  • Getting Started with RMsis
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Here is a guide to quickly make your RMsis Installation operational.

Step 1 : Check configuration on the target machine

  • Ensure that your system meets the hardware and software requirements, as mentioned in System Requirements.

Step 2 : Install and Configure JIRA on the target machine

Step 3 : Install RMsis using UPM

Step 4 : Configuring Projects in RMsis

  • RMsis synchronizes with JIRA and this synchronization is done, every time a user clicks on the RMsis link on JIRA Menu Bar.
  • So a project configured in JIRA will automatically become visible in RMsis (unless explicitly disabled by the administrator).
  • All projects can be configured using the options as described here RMsis Application Configuration
  • Project specific configuration options are also available in RMsis.

Step 5 : Configuring users in RMsis

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