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  • Important : Securing your Database
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Data is where the value resides in your system and hence it is essential that adequate measures be taken to ensure data safety. Spending few hours on the following suggestions and a small investment can potentially save a disastrous situation later.

Most probable causes of a disaster can be

  • Crash of a Database instance
  • Corrupt disk / bad blocks on disk.
  • User Action

At a very high level, consider the following options for your installation:

  • Use high availability solutions for system availability.

  • Configure RAID for your system to ensure error correction in case of disk problems / Provide disk mirroring.
  • Schedule periodic backups of Database.
  • Consider configuring your Database in a Master Slave configuration, with slave on a remote machine. In this scenario
    • Configure RMsis to run with Master.
    • In case of problems with Master, RMsis can be configured to run with slave. So your system will be operational in less than 5 minutes (after failure).
    • For taking backup, Slave can be stopped to take the Database backup and can be resumed to sync up with Master.
  • Log the user actions, for investigation in case of any incidence.


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