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  • Making the latest commit editable
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Many users have faced this problem where they wanted to roll back the latest commit due to some error and were not able to do so. RMsis now provides an option to rollback the latest commits.

This feature is available for

  • Requirements
  • Test Cases
  • Test Runs

Configuration Option

  • Checkboxes are provided inside RMsis Administration-> Application to enable/disable uncommit of various entities.
  • These options are disabled by default. This can be enabled by admin only.

Roles and Permissions

  • Separate Permissions have been added for Requirements, Test Cases and Test Runs.
  • The options will be visible only if the uncommit feature is enabled by admin and the user (role) has the requisite permission.
  • By default, only project manager will have the permission to uncommit.


Once this feature is enabled,users with appropriate permission will be able to see the Uncommit option.
If enabled

  1. For requirements: The option Uncommit Version(s) is present inside drop-down menu along-with Commit version(s) option
  2. For TestCases: The option to Uncommit is placed as a button on the right of Commit button.
  3. For TestRun: The option Uncommit is present inside drop-down menu along-with Commit option

The operation can be performed in the latest view only.

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