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  • Managing Test Runs
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A Test Run comprises of a set of associated Test Cases which are executed during it's lifecycle and their status updated.

A Test Run can be considered as an entity, with the following phases in it's lifecycle

  1. Creation / Configuration : A Test Run can be created
    • either by copying an existing Test Run
    • OR by explicitly assigning Releases, Baselines and Test Cases to it.
  2. Committed
    • This action is taken when a user wants to save the snapshot of the current state of the Test Run.
    • If the user wants to run another iteration, then the user needs to create another instance of Test Run.
    • Once a Test Run has been Committed, it's attributes cannot be modified.
  3. Editable
    • A Test Run can be updated anytime before it's committed.
    • The Test Case status is overwritten in this state.
    • Test Cases can also be added OR deleted in this state.
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