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  • Mass association of Test Cases with a Test Run
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Selecting individual Test Cases to define a Test Run is a very tedious task. There are two ways in which mass association of test cases with a test run can be done.

From the Test Runs view

Mass Association functionality in the Test Runs view provides an intelligent mechanism to map Test Cases to Test Runs by using the existing relationships, already defined in the system.

Broadly, we have many existing relationships like

  1. Release <> Requirements <> Test Cases

  2. Baselines <> Requirements <> Test Cases

  3. Requirements <> Test Cases

These can be used to quickly map a set of Test Cases to a Test Run. For example, by clicking on Associate Button on the Test Run Screen, we get the following screen

Selecting one of the Releases, would select all the corresponding Requirements as well as Test Cases. Later, the user can go to these tabs and unselect the ones which are not required.

Similarly we can also select Baselines OR Requirements to choose the corresponding Test Cases.

From the Test Cases view

  • In order to associate test case(s) with a test run from the Test Cases view, user can select the test case(s) and then click on "More operations" > "Associate Test Run" 
  • Select the Test Run with which test cases needs to be associated.
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