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Named filters can be accessed through the icon present on the Headers of DataTables. They can be used to save the current filter settings and later on using the list of filters to set the DataTable as per the saved choices.

Named Filter Types

The user can save the filter, either as

  • Private, i.e. accessible only to self
  • Public, i.e. accessible to everybody in the team having a read access to a particular table

A screenshot of the same is shown below.

Named Filter Operations

  • Reset Filters
    • The filter can be reset by clicking on the Reset Button provided on the Filter Panel.
  • Save Filter
    • After clicking on Save Filter a pop-up open up showing the following options

    • User can enter the details and clicks on Save Filter to create the filter.
    • Please note that Public filters can only be created by users which are having permission "Create Public Named Filters"
  • Select Filter
    • While the list is displayed, user can click on a specific filter to select the same.

  • During Mouse hover, the edit and delete symbols appear next to the filter, which can be used to
    • Edit Filter
    • Delete Filter
      • Please note that the users can only delete filters created by them.


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