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  • Release Operations
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Following operations can be performed on releases:

  • Create Release: A new release can be created by clicking on the first row of the table under the "Project Release Name" column labeled "< Enter new release >".
  • Edit Release: A release can be edited simply by clicking on it.
  • Delete Release: A release can be deleted by clicking on context menu item "Delete Release" or by selecting the release and clicking on "Delete" button". However, if a release is associated with requirements, then it will not be deleted.
  • Merge Release
    • A set of releases can be selected through Multi-Select function (check the box on first column) and then Merge can be triggered by pressing the Merge button.
    • The system will prompt for a Target Release / Version.
    • After selection of the Target and Submit, the selected releases will be merged into the target release.

  • Sync with JIRA
    • This operation can be triggered by clicking on "Sync with JIRA" button.
    • In case of the Release Name match,
      • JIRA Version attribute values will be copied to RMsis Releases.
      • Subsequently, the editing of RMsis Release Attributes will be disabled.
    • In case of different names of JIRA Versions
      • The JIRA Versions will appear in RMsis Release Table.
    • Synchronisation of Planned Date and Actual Date of RMsis release with Release Date of Jira version
      • If a version is created in Jira, the corresponding release in RMsis will have Planned Date = Actual Date = Release Date (of Jira version) on first time synchronisation.
      • On subsequent synchronisation, only the Actual Date will be synchronised with Release Date (of Jira version).
      • The Planned Date will be User Editable.
  • Filters: Releases can be filtered on "Release Status".
  • Export Releases as PDF: Releases can be exported as PDF document by clicking icons shown on top right corner.

  • Please note that JIRA Sync works only in one direction. RMsis Releases are not updated on the JIRA side.
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