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In this view

  • The user can select a specific Release from the dropdown option given in the table header.
  • The system will display a summary report, containing
    • Set of Requirements associated with this release.
    • Set of JIRA artifacts associated with the Requirements
    • Sub-tasks (if) associated with the JIRA Issues.
  • In order to provide a comprehensive view while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use, the system
    • Displays the parent issue(if any) irrespective of the Release selected and shade it out to distinguish it from others if it belongs to a release different from the one selected.
    • Displays the requirement hierarchy to which the issue is linked, shade it as well if the release differs from the one selected.
    • Do not show sub issues if not present in selected release.
    • Total Effort of parent issue = Sum of efforts of sub issues present in selected release.
  • The following attributes are displayed, along with each entity
    • ID
    • Summary
    • External Sources (for Requirements only)
    • Due Date (for JIRA Issues only)
    • Planned Effort
    • Actual Effort
    • Release / Fix Version
    • Status.

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