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Search is available in almost all tables and panels (where necessary).

The user can now search using

  • Numeric part or complete Id
  • Part of text in the text / rich text area fields like Requirement Summary, Description and custom fields using the search box provided. 

In case some filters (available in column headers) are already applied, initiating a search

  • will search from the filtered data set.


RMsis implements filters with some common characteristics, described below:

  • RMsis filters are implemented with a universal philosophy of
    • OR within a column
    • AND across columns
  • A filter is indicated by the presence of an icon in a column header of a table.
  • Filter can be accessed by clicking on this icon, which provides multi-select options (if available).
  • The filter is applied as soon as an option is selected.
  • The filter drop-down can be closed by clicking on the (now changed) icon.

A typical view from the Planned Requirements table is shown below.

Indicating Filter Status

Whenever a filter is set, the column is highlighted in a different color to indicate the same.

Reset Filter

In case the user presses "Reset Filters"

  • All the filters (in column headers) will be reset.
  • The search text will be cleared.

Saving Filter Status

Filter status is automatically saved by the application.

Reapply Filter / Refresh Data

Wherever Refresh Button is provided, users can use it to refresh the data presented in the table.

Filter Summary 

Use this button  to display a summary of filters applied on various fields/columns. 

Filter for Empty/ Blank option :

  • Blank filter has been provided for custom fields of type Single Select List, Multi Select List and Hierarchical View.
  • Using this feature, "Blank" filter can be applied to get a list of requirements/ test cases/ test steps which do not have a value assigned for the field on which filter has been applied.
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