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This section replaces the previous one, named "Filters" in RMsis 1.0.0 documentation and released from RMsis 1.1.0 onwards. Search is available,

  • both in the Planned and Unplanned Requirement Tables with RMsis v.1.1.0 release.
  • In almost all tables and panels (where necessary) from RMsis v.1.3.0 release.

The user can now search using

  • Numeric part or complete Id
  • Part of text in the text / rich text area fields like Requirement Summary, Description and custom fields using the search box provided. 
  • For searching text within a custom field of type text / rich text area, the search string should be in the format - CF:<Search_string> 
    • Note : 
      • This is applicable only for RMsis 1.8.8-r301 and earlier versions of RMsis. 
      • From RMsis, there is no need of using  CF:<Search_string> . The user can directly search for the string which the user wants to search in text/ rich text area fields (including the custom fields).

In case some filters (available in column headers) are already applied, initiating a search

  • will search from the filtered data set.


RMsis implements filters with some common characteristics, described below:

  • RMsis filters are implemented with a universal philosophy of
    • OR within a column
    • AND across columns
  • A filter is indicated by the presence of an icon in a column header of a table.
  • Filter can be accessed by clicking on this icon, which provides multi-select options (if available).
  • The filter is applied as soon as an option is selected.
  • The filter drop-down can be closed by clicking on the (now changed) icon.

A typical view from the Planned Requirements table is shown below.

Indicating Filter Status

Whenever a filter is set, the column is highlighted in a different color to indicate the same.

Reset Filter

In case the user presses "Reset Filters"

  • All the filters (in column headers) will be reset.
  • The search text will be cleared.

Saving Filter Status

From v.1.4.1 onwards, filter status is automatically saved by the application. We expect this to create huge improvement in usability.

Reapply Filter / Refresh Data

Wherever Refresh Button is provided, users can use it to refresh the data presented in the table.

Filter Summary (available from RMsis and later versions)

Use this button  to display summary of filters applied on various fields / columns. 

Filter for Empty/ Blank option :

  • Blank filter has been provided for custom fields of type Single Select List, Multi Select List and Hierarchical View.
  • Using this feature, "Blank" filter can be applied to get list of requirements/ test cases/ test steps which do not have value assigned for the field on which filter has been applied.
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