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  • Specifying - Source of a Requirement
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Any requirement can be linked with one or more sources. This functionality can be accessed

  • through the columns provided in Planned/ Unplanned requirements Table.
  • or by clicking on the "Requirement Source" option in detailed view of a requirement.

However, please note that only the users with requisite permission can access this functionality.

Subsequently, the following panel opens up, showing the following possibilities:

Select Internal Sources

The users can be associated/disassociated with the requirement by clicking on the checkbox provided against the user:

  • Associate User, from the list of all users configured for the project.
  • Disassociate User, from the list of users identified as source of Requirement.

Select External Sources

The following functions are available for this table:

  • Associate
    • A source can be associated with a requirement, simply by clicking on the Check Box on the right side of the table.
  • Add Source
    • A user can create new Source either by clicking on the "Add New" button on menu bar,
    • OR by directly editing the <Source Name> displayed in the Name column.
  • Edit
    • Any Source, or it's description can be directly edited by clicking on the target cell.
  • Delete
    • A source can be deleted by selecting this option in the Context Menu (Accessed through Right Mouse Button click) OR by checking the box on LHS and clicking on Delete.
  • Filter
    • A simple filter is provided to select between linked and unlinked sources.

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