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A Test Case has following Default Attributes:

  • Test Case Id : This is a unique RMsis generated Id for a Test Case. This field is non-editable.
  • Version Number : This is a sequential integer number assigned to the Test Case.
  • Name : This is a brief description / Title of the test case.
  • Description : This contains a small textual description of the test case.
  • Categories: A Test Case can be classified in user defined categories.
    • A category can be created by clicking on "Categories" column in any row of the table.
    • After a category panel appears, click on "Create New Category" to create a new category.
    • After a category is created, it can be associated with any Test Case in the table.
    • A category can be edited by clicking on edit category image  (this image will appear after hovering the mouse on category in category panel)
    • A category can be deleted by clicking on delete category image  (this image will appear after hovering the mouse on category in category panel)
  • Attachment
    • Any number of documents or links can be attached to the Test Case.

    • For attaching a document or link against a TC, just click on "Attachments" column ( ) in the row corresponding to the TC.

    • After a panel appears, enter details of document or link.

  • External-Id : This is an Id generated for the test case by an external system. It is primarily used to correlate a test case with RMsis generated Id.
  • Dependencies
    • Test Cases also support mechanism to define, Depends On and Dependent Test Cases
    • Clicking on a cell opens up a panel, where the desired relationships can be specified.
  • Requirements : These are linked requirements, which are tested by this test case.
  • Artifacts : These are JIRA Issues linked with the test case.
  • Internal Sources: This field specifies Internal Sources of the test case. Just click on "Internal Sources" column against a test case row to enter its Internal Sources.

  • Test Steps :
    • Multiple Test Steps can be specified against a Test Case by clicking on this column.
    • A detailed description of Test Steps is available at Test Steps

The Project Manager / Lead can also define additional Custom Attributes for Test Cases at the project level OR Tool Administrator can define Custom Attributes for all projects of this instance. The supported Custom Fields are:

  • Text

  • Integer

  • Real value

  • Date
  • Single select list

  • Multi select list

  • Rich Text Area
  • Hierarchical View
  • JIRA Data

These can be defined either at a project level OR for all projects of this instance

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