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A Test Run has the following default attributes

  • Test Run Id
    • This is an internal system generated reference and not visible to the end user.
  • Test Run Name
    • This is a user provided name to the Test Run. 
  • Test Run Description
  • Version & Build (Optional)
  • Environment(Optional)
  • Associated Releases
    • While creating a Test Run, the user must associate a Release with the Test Run.
  • Associated Test Cases
    • User can associate specific versions of Test Cases to Test Runs through the following means
      • Directly
      • through Releases, Baselines and Requirements.
  • Order: 
    • This field can be used to sort or order test cases within a Test Run.
    • The default value for this field is 1.
    • If you want to order test cases, you can enter values like 2,3, etc as per your needs.
    • After entering the value in this field, press the "Refresh" button to see the test cases ordered as per the entered value.
  • Assignee
    • In the context of a Test Run, a Test Case can be assigned to a specific user.
  • Test Case Status
    • Each Test Case will have an associated Status, within the context of the Test Run.
    • TC Execution result can be "PASS" / "FAIL" / "PASS WITH EXCEPTION" / "BLOCKED".
  • State (Editable / Committed)
  • Comments
    • The users can enter a series of comments, which are logged with user-id
    • Comments can be exported or imported in CSV format.
    • While generating an Issue, the comments are automatically logged as part of the description.

Test Run View

A Test Run View displays

  • Status summary of the test cases associated with the selected test run. 
  • The Test Run Operations in the Header of Data Table.
  • Associated Test Cases in a Data Table with all the attributes (as shown in the Test Case Tab)

Test Run States

A Test Run can have only two possible states

  • Editable, when it's configuration and attribute values can be modified. This is the default state when a new Test Run is created.
  • Committed, when neither it's composition nor the attribute values can be modified.

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