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  • Upgrading Existing RMsis
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RMsis version upgrade is essentially in four steps:

  1. Backup the RMsis database.
  2. Prepare for upgrade by ensuring that you have an active RMsis support.
  3. Download & Install the latest version of RMsis.
    1. RMsis plugin can be automatically downloaded and installed using Jira Universal Plugin Manager. (Requires active internet connection)
    2. RMsis plugin can also be manually downloaded installed through JIRA Universal Plugin Manager. (Internet connection is Optional)
  4. Upgrade existing RMsis to latest version
    1. Login as administrator in JIRA and then click on RMsis menu.
    2. You will be automatically redirected to Upgrade RMsis screen.

The entire sequence of upgrade process is elaborated below for different base (existing) versions.

Preconditions for automatic upgrade

  • The RMsis version number should be either equal to or higher than the existing version.
  • The Build Number should be higher than the existing version.

In order to upgrade existing RMsis with new version, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Take backup of existing RMsis database.

  2. Prepare for upgrade 

    • In the absence of active support, RMsis instance can not be upgraded to newer versions.
      • In support is not active, you can continue using the existing version. 
    • Login as administrator and Switch to RMsis Administartion > Configuration tab.
    • Check your license details and ensure that you have an active support of RMsis. Check for Support expiry date. 
    • If you don't have an active support, please renew your RMsis support before upgrading RMsis.
  3. Install the new version using JIRA Universal Plugin Manager
    1. Automatic installation using Jira Universal Plugin Manager 

    2. Manual install using Jira Universal Plugin Manager 
      • Login as JIRA administrator and select Settings > Manage apps > Manage Apps
      • Get the URL for the desired/latest version of RMsis from
      • Click on Upload app and enter the URL when prompted.
        • Alternatively, you can download the Jar file and upload it using Choose file button (Use this option if internet is not available)
      • Click on Upload. This will install the latest version.

  4. Upgrade RMsis
  • After clicking on RMsis menu (On Jira Menu Bar) > RMsis Home, the upgrade screen will appear.
  • Click on UPGRADE to proceed. You will be redirected to RMsis deployment step.

  • In this step, RMsis plugin will install RMsis application with an embedded Tomcat Server.

  • Please wait for some time (It will take one to two minutes). After RMsis server startup, the screen will show :

  • Congratulations !!! Now RMsis server is upadated successfully.
  • Click on FINISH button to complete upgrade process. 
  • Subsequently, you will redirected to RMsis application.

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