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  • Version Management of Test Cases
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 The state of a TC comprises of the following attributes:

  • Test Case Id
  • Test Case Version
  • Name
  • Description
  • Attachment
  • External-Id
  • Linked Requirements
  • Test Steps and all it's associated Attributes.

Key points are:

  • A Test Case can be in two states
    • Editable
    • Committed
  • By default a new version is created in editable state. It can be committed through
    • an explicit commit action by the user
  • "Status" is not included in the state of a TC but is part of a specific Test Run.
  • With version change, all the existing associations are carried over to the next version. User will have the responsibility to make appropriate changes.
  • Handling of External TC-Id
    • If different versions of TC's are mapped to single external TC-ID, it implies that the Test Case is same and change is only superficial.

    • If the change affects functionality, then the external TC-ID should either be different OR have a version Id.

  • Handling of versioning in Test Steps
    • Test Step versions are same as that of Test Cases and they need not be explicitly managed.
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