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Known Issues

  1. RMsis continues to be in "Available Updates List" even though the latest version is installed. This is due to certain assumptions in UPM and this problem should get fixed with change of versioning convention from RMsis 1.6.0 onwards.


RMsis V.1.5.1

Notes on Additional Functions - RMsis v.1.5.1-r72

Many users had recently reported installation related issues. After analysis, it turned out to be issues related to two primary areas:

  1. Incorrect Network Configuration
  2. JIRA UPM Timeout, while RMsis installation was still running. This lead to disabling of RMsis plugin and consequently lot of unpredictability.

Here is a document, explaining the background of this issue, possibilities and solutions : RMsis fails to start after configuration - possible causes and solutions

Solutions implemented

  1. Diagnostics have been built into the installer; so as to give an idea to the administrators about the possible causes of problems.
  2. Now the Plugin completes it's initialization much more quickly and predictability; while it defers the diagnostics and other time consuming processes to later stages.

Additional Functions - RMsis v.1.5.1-r69

  • Admin has been given all project rights by default.

Additional Functions - RMsis v.1.5.1-r68

  • Requirements Management
    • Option to reconfigure the Default Attributes
    • Voting by team members against Requirements
    • Email notification of Requirements change
  • Requirements Traceability
    • Additional filter for linked issues
  • Test Cases
    • Support to establish dependencies between Test Cases
    • Support for Test Case history
    • Log and display Test Run status history
    • Email notification of Test Case change
    • Configurable option to link auto-generated issues to Requirements
  • Reporting
    • Handling of "Requirement Custom Fields" in "Custom Reports"
    • Support for Private and Public filters
  • JIRA Integration
    • Linking to Test Cases from JIRA Issues Page
    • Open Requirements Model Window from Issues Page
    • Requirements exported from RMsis to JIRA can now be used as input in GreenHopper.
  • Data Management, Input and Output
    • Flexible mechanism for CSV import with fields and options mapping
    • Export of Requirements as JIRA Issues
    • Configurable CR-LF treatment in CSV Export
  • Internationalization
    • Improved support for input, processing and display of European languages
  • System
    • Configurable options to specify Min - Max Memory for JVM

RMsis V.1.5.0

Additional Functions

  • Requirements Management
    • Requirements workflow
    • Display of custom attributes in the main table and included in PDF report.
  • Reporting
    • Create, Save, Edit and Delete Custom Reports
    • Sorting on attributes.
    • Baseline comparison report
  • Test Cases
    • Support for Test Case categorization
    • PDF Reports for Test Cases
  • System
    • Support for JIRA 5.0
    • Option in JIRA menu bar to send logs in case of failed installation

RMsis V.1.4.1

Additional Functions

  • Search and Filters
    • Auto save filters in all the main tables.
    • Configurable column view provided in many tables.
  • Requirements Management
    • Support for User Defined Custom Attributes.
    • User can specify "Source of a Requirement"
  • Requirements Validation / Test Cases
    • Copy a Test Case.Test Runs
    • Automatically log an Issue for Failed Test Cases using a "Log Issue Option" !
    • Add an Option to reset status of a Test Run.
  • System
    • PKCS#11 and PKCS#12 supported from 1.4.1-r.43 onwards (earlier only JKS was supported by default).

RMsis V.1.4.0

Additional Functions

  • Many usability improvements.
  • Requirements Management
    • Exporting requirements to another project.
    • Forward Traceability between requirements.
  • Traceability
    • Filters for Releases and Baselines.
  • Reverse Traceability
    • Filters for Releases and Baselines.
    • Map Issues / JIRA artifacts to Test Cases
  • Release Planning
    • Sync up RMsis Releases with JIRA Versions.
    • Incorporated Planned and Actual Effort Trends.
    • Define a Release Composition.
    • Merge releases.
  • Test Cases
    • Provided additional attributes for Test Cases
      • Name
      • Attachments (Links or Documents)
    • Mapping JIRA Artifacts to Test Cases.
    • Test Case versioning.
  • Introduced concept of Test Runs in this release with the following functionality
    • Configure / Create TestRuns.
    • Associate with Releases and hence implicitly associate with Release Composition.
    • Explicitly associate Test Cases with Test Runs.
    • Commit a TestRun.
    • Create copy of a TestRun.
    • Update status in a Test Run through "csv import".
    • Log issues against a specific test case in a TestRun.
  • User Administration
    • Any number of user defined roles can be configured.
    • Additional default roles of Business Analyst, Test Manager, Testing Team Member and Tester

RMsis V.1.3.0

Additional Functions

  • RMsis 1.3.0 - r.29 onwards
    • HTTPS Support
    • Reverse Proxy Support
  • Simplified installation Process. RMsis can now be installed using Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager.
  • Simplified upgrade process using Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager.
  • Embedded database support for evaluation versions (not yet recommended for production use).

RMsis V.1.2.1

Additional Functions

  • Viewing requirements from issues page.

RMsis V.1.2

Additional Functions

  • Managing Requirements versions
  • Test Case Identification and Traceability
  • Dependencies across projects
  • Export / Import Requirements and Test Cases in CSV format
  • Select columns to be displayed in Planned Requirements
  • Search in Planned Requirements

RMsis V.1.1

Additional Functions

  • Requirements Baseline
  • Requirements History
  • Multi-select Operations
  • Attaching links to documents

RMsis V.1.0

Major Functions

  • Requirements Management
  • Forward and Reverse Traceability
  • Release Management
  • Reporting in PDF / DOC formats
  • Filters
  • User Administration
  • Tool Administration
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