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RMsis Application Structure

RMsis 1.3.0 onwards

From version 1.3.0 onwards, it is not required to explicitly download and install RMsis. Administrators can install directly from Plugin Install option provided in the Administration menu. Internally, the plugin still comprises of two parts

  • a plugin, which installs alongside JIRA.
  • A separate RMsis application with it's own embedded Tomcat server.

RMsis 1.2.1 and older

If required, these versions of RMSis can be downloaded from The compressed downloaded file contains following files:

  • rm.war: It is the RMsis web application.
  • jira-rmsis-x.x.jar: It is the JIRA plugin, which connects RMsis application with JIRA
  • Setup file for Linux/Unix
  • setup.bat: Setup file for Windows
  • sample-conf directory which contains sample database and mail configuration files
  • README.txt: Contains basic README file. This file contains brief installation instructions.
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