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API Mocks tab tool bar contains the following options as shown in the below snapshot:

  1. Select / Unselect all
    • Click on this checkbox to select / unselect all records available on the page.
  2. Number of records dropdown
    • Select the number of records to be displayed in the current page from this dropdown. By default value is 20.
  3. Expand / Collapse All button
    • Click on the expand all button to view the details of each API Mock available in the current page.
    • Similarly click on the collapse all button to hide the details of each  API Mock available in the current page.
  4. New API Mock button
    • Click on this button to create a new API mock.
  5. None Selected dropdown
  6. More dropdown
    • More actions like search and replace, export / import etc. can be performed by using this option.
    • For more information, please read API Mocks - More Actions dropdown.
  7. Filter dropdown
  8. Reload button
    • Click on this button to reload the API Mock.
  9. Search box
    • Any search term can provided here to search from the filtered list of API Mocks.
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