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API mock details tab shows the following information as shown in below snapshot:

  1. URL
    Provide API mock URL without query parameters. Define query parameters in Request tab.
    Note: URL allowed path parameters as variables. Once a mock request is received by mock server, mock server will set the values of all the variables configured in request, you may use those variables in setting the response of this API mock.
  2. Description
    Provide API mock description here to help another team member to understand this API mock.
  3. Method
    Provide request method to use for the API mock.
  4. Version
    Provide version information for the API mock. Versions can be configured in Project Configuration tab.
  5. Tags
    Associate tags to mange API mocks. Existing tags can be deleted from Project Configuration tab.
  6. Wait for seconds
    Provide value for this attribute if you want to introduce delay in the response of the API mock.
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