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If by some reason, extension doesn't record the HTTP requests, then you can follow the below two steps in order to debug the issue:

  1. First go to vREST Chrome Extension Configuration screen and click on “Diagnose Extension Issues” button. This checks a bunch of issues, you might be facing while recording.
  2. If the above doesn't help then errors can be seen in the error console provided by the chrome also. For viewing the error console:
    • Go to chrome://extensions page
    • Make sure checkbox "Developer Mode" is checked in upper right side of this page.
    • Then find the vREST extension in the list of installed extensions, and click on "background page" link for vREST extension.
    • A new browser window will open, click on "Network" tab.
    • Any recorded HTTP request will call an API to the vREST instance, these API requests will be shown in the Network tab, and if there are any errors then those errors will be shown in the response of these requests.
  3. If you are still not able to resolve the issue then contact us at with the outcome of above two steps.


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