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No need to write your test cases manually. vREST HTTP Recorder is there to help you. Just turn on the recorder and do the manual testing of your web application for the last time. vREST will record test cases for you behind the scenes.

Here is a video tutorial for the same:

vREST HTTP Recorder (A browser extension, currently available only for Chrome) is a very simple and powerful tool, which records the HTTP requests of web application under test and their responses and it will automatically store them as test cases in vREST. It can be configured to filter out HTTP requests according to content type and URL pattern for recording. It can be directly installed from Chrome Web Store.


  • Any network communication (via HTTP(s) requests) which is not in the knowledge of the browser tab, will not be recorded by the extension also.
  • In order to extension to work, user must be logged into the vREST.

To read on, how this chrome extension works, please follow:

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