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  • Synchronize attributes between RMsis and JIRA

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Question : Is their a way to synchronize fields between Rmsis and JIRA (for example, is it possible to synchronize fields such as priority between requirements in RMsis and linked JIRA issue, so that if I update priority for a requirement in RMsis, it should automatically be updated in the linked JIRA issue)?




  • At present, two way synchronization between Jira issues and RMsis Requirements is not available.
  • However, an issue RMI-851 has already been logged for implementing a feature for two way synchronization between Jira issues and RMsis Requirements. 
  • After this feature is implemented, changes/modifications in fields (like priority) in Jira issues will be automatically updated in RMsis requirement's fields and vice-versa.
  • However , since requirements need to be controlled much more carefully than issues, we think that Oauth implementation is a must, before we implement sync.
  • We also want to implement this function over standardized RMsis API's, which are secure and will allow a change only by authorized users.
  • Note :
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      • Once you inform us, this issue will be tracked against your ID. 
      • Subsequently, we will keep you abreast of the development of this issue and will inform you once the fix for this issue is available.