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  • Unable to access RMsis while using Internet Explorer/ Firefox

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  • This issue can occur while accessing RMsis over HTTPS/SSL if RMsis is configured to use a Self-Signed Certificate instead of a CA-Signed certificate 
    • In the SSL world, certificates fall into two major categories: self-signed and CA-signed
      • Self-Signed: These are certificates that have not been digitally signed by a CA, which is a method of confirming the identity of the certificate that is being served by the web server. They are signed by themselves, hence the name self-signed.
      • CA-Signed: A certificate that has its identity digitally signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) like Verisign.
    • A self-signed certificate that wasn't issued by a recognised certificate authority is not trusted by default and thus the browsers may display a warning message regarding the same.
  • Now, in order to resolve this issue, you have following two options:
    1. Use a CA-Signed certificate with RMsis instead of a Self-Signed certificate.
      • If you already have a CA-Signed certificate for JIRA, use the details of the same to configure RMsis. RMsis will accept the default certificate configured for JIRA. 
      • A detailed description for RMsis deployment is available at:
      • A detailed description for running RMsis on SSL or HTTPS is available at:
    2. Bypassing the warning by adding an exception to this page:
      • For Firefox:
        • Open firefox and access the URL https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:3060/rm (e.g.https://localhost:3060/rm )
          • Here, 3060 is the port on which RMsis is running.
        • On the warning page, click Advanced.
        • Click Add Exception The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
        • Click Confirm Security Exception for https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:3060
        • Once an exception has been added for RMsis, you will be able to access RMsis.
      • For IE 11:
        • Open JIRA(https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:8443)
        • Click on Certificate Error(Red icon in the URL) > View Certificate. See attached image Install_Certificate_In_IE.png for reference. 
        • Install self signed certificate into Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.
        • Restart IE. 
          • If "Install Certificate" option is not visible, Uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox (Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites)
        • Once the certificate is installed, you will be able to access RMsis.