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In left hand side of test cases tab, following sections are there as shown in the below screenshot:

  1. Test Suites section
    • All the test suites which are defined in the Project Configuration tab will be shown here. 
    • A test suite is a group of test cases to be executed in sequence. 
    • Select the test suite(s) to filter out the test cases in TC tab main body.
  2. Filters applied section
    • Any filters applied will be shown here in this section.
    • Filters can be applied from filter icon in TC tab tool bar.
    • To clear the filter, click on the Reset link available in this section.
      Note: Reset filter doesn't clear the Test Suite filter.
    • Individual filter items can be cleared by clicking on them.
  3. Environment section
    • Select the desired environment for test case execution.
    • Environments can be configured from TC tab tool bar >> More Menu >> Global Variables / Environments.
  4. Keep variable alive section
    • If checked, then variables' value will stay intact between test runs. 
    • Otherwise all the variables will be cleared before the next test run.
  5. Continous Integration section
    • This section shows a button to copy the current test case list URL.
    • This URL will be directly used in vrunner module for continuous integration purposes.
  6. Quick guide links section
    • It will show you the most used guide links.