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  • JIRA 7.0.x
    • JIRA throws a Javascript error, while editing OR moving issues in JIRA Board. This issue has already been verified with JIRA 7.0.2 and JIRA 7.0.10.
    • So if you face this issue, please upgrade to JIRA 7.1.1 or later.
  • Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode
    • Please note that RMsis does not support IE-7 and older browsers.
    • So, IE-8 and later versions, when run in compatibility mode, may show problems.
  • RMsis
    • PDF Export does not work with East Asian Languages (Japanese / Chinese / Korean).
  • Databases
    • Oracle 
      • Oracle 11 G : A single project cannot contain more than 32,000 Requirements. Oracle 12C does not have this limitation.
    • SQL Server
      • A single project cannot contain more than 32,000 Requirements.
    • MySQL

      • MySQL database only supports 3 byte UTF8 characters if the default 'utf8' character set is chosen.

      • For 4byte UTF8 support, 'utf8mb4' character set needs to be chosen in MySQL. However, 'utf8mb4' character set is not supported by RMsis at present.

      • This issue is logged as RMI-3474 in our CRM. 

      • Due to this issue, you may experience unexpected behaviour and/or failure to access RMsis if a 4 byte UTF8 character is entered in a field in RMsis.


RMsis Releases till date

RMsis 2.2.0


Warning: You may face authentication errors while installing/accessing RMsis without a proxy configuration. Disable SameSite cookie-related changes in your browser.

  • System
    • RMsis API (GraphQL)
    • API to create a copy of a Test Run
    • API for Test Case commit
    • API for versioning of Test Case
  • Requirements
    • Added "Latest version" filter for the "Depends on" and "Dependents" columns to show just the latest versions of linked Requirements/Test cases.
    • Added option to display full name instead of a username for reporter field
    • Test Case and Test Run
    • It's now feasible, using APIs to automatically create a test run and fill in the test results
  • Key Fixes
    • Error while creating a Generic report due to ampersand(&)
    • Filter fails to load/save if ampersand(&) is present in the name of a test run
    • Additional option of "Select Value" is displayed for single-select custom fields.
    • Bulk Operation: Options get repeated for Category, Internal Source, and Reporter fields if we reopen the bulk operation window.

RMsis 2.1.1

Additional bug fixes - RMsis v.2.1.1-r398