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RMsis Releases till date

RMsis 2.0.5

Additional functions and improvements - RMsis v.2.0.5-



  • System
    • RMI-6175: Newly created Test steps from API should be added at the bottom in UI
    • RMI-1964/ RMI-3937: Provide feature to export requirements/test cases to Word document.
    • RMI-1390: Allow selecting columns to export to pdf
  • Key Fixes
    • RMI-6193: Null Pointer-Exception is thrown during search when Not linked with Test Case filter is applied
    • RMI-6190: CSV Import: Test Step ID not found error is displayed upon importing CSV
    • RMI-6173: Black pages are exported in PDF if the Generic Report is huge (10+ pages)
    • RMI-6172/ RMI-6174: RMsis Plugin for Confluence compatibility update with Confluence 7.0.