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RMsis Releases till date

RMsis 2.1

Additional functions and improvements - RMsis v.2.1-



  • System
    • RMI-3937: Production of Word documents in custom templates
    • RMI-6082: Expose the list of existing workflow status to user.
    • RMI-6159: Provide API to directly access attachments by ID
    • RMI-6160: Provide API to directly access test case/test step of a testrun.
    • RMI-6183: Add API to get attachment only using attachment ID
    • RMI-6210: Hover over link / width of info box
    • RMI-6213: Word Add-in: Add option to print entire tree of tags in the word template.
    • RMI-6214: Add indentation level field in the Generic report.
    • RMI-6215: Word Add-In: Requirement dependent is not exported due to erroneous tag
    • RMI-6246: Display Full Name instead of username for watchers
    • RMI-6251: HTML tags are exported to the PDF of generic reports in RMsis
  • Requirements
    • RMI-5291: It should be possible to prevent adding any further links to a requirement once the requirement has been committed
    • RMI-5415: No email-notification at newer version
    • RMI-6248: Provide an option to export a copy of linked test cases as well while exporting Requirements to another project
  • Test Cases/ Test Runs
    • RMI-4311: Selecting a Test Case in traceability will open the detailed view of Test Case.
    • RMI-5905: Export of Test cases to other projects
    • RMI-6122: Provide option to select Test Case Version in Detailed view
  • Key Fixes
    • RMI-2735: For a long running function, system becomes unusable for a user
    • RMI-5238: Select All Button fails to work after applying a filter.
    • RMI-5466: Improve performance of RMsis when accessed via confluence plugin.
    • RMI-6155: Requirements are visible even if "View All Planned Requirement" permission is unchecked
    • RMI-6184: Data error is displayed while accessing requirement
    • RMI-6202: Disabled projects are listed for linking in Traceability
    • RMI-6203: PDF export for Generic report fails in IE 11
    • RMI-6231: Some fields are missing in Generic Report.
    • RMI-6249: Authentication/Data error issue while using Google Chrome