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  • RMsis administration by JIRA admin

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RMsis administrator operations span the following

  • User Management: RMsis admin can assign users based on number of users for which license is purchased (by enabling check-box). This table automatically shows all JIRA users in given system where RMsis is installed.

Fig – 9 : User Management Screen (for admin)

  • Role Management: RMsis administrator can assign/un-assign permission to a given role by enabling/disabling check boxes.

Fig – 10 : Role Management Screen

  • Project Management: RMsis administrator can see all projects and assign/unassign users in those projects. This table automatically syncs with JIRA.

Fig – 11 : Project Management Screen

  • Configuration:
    • License Management: RMsis administrator can update license key by clicking "Update License Key" link.
    • Debug Mode: This operation can help Optimizory team locate the probable root cause of any unexpected behaviour in the system. In case of any problems in RMsis, "Enable Debugging" link should be checked and all logs should be shared with support team. Once operation is complete, administrator can disable debugging by clicking "Disable Debugging" link.

      Fig – 12 : Configuration Screen
      • Log Collection: In case of any problems, following logs need to be shared with debug mode enable : -
        • Application Server Logs: These logs files are generally located in logs folder of your Application Server. e.g. In case of Apache Tomcat, it is located in <CATALINA_HOME>/logs/ folder.
        • JIRA Logs: These are located at <JIRA_HOME>/logs/ folder.
        • RMsis Logs: These are located at <RMSIS_HOME>/logs/ folder.