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  • Support for RMsis has expired.
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Question : The support for our RMsis installation had expired and we tried to upgrade RMsis. Now we are not able to access RMsis. What should we do to be able to access RMsis again?

Answer :

  • You can upgrade your RMsis installation only when the support for your RMsis license is active.
  • Now, in the current scenario, you have two options
    1. To continue using the older version of RMsis that was previously being used by you. Please follow the steps given below if you want to continue using the older version of RMsis :
      1. Uninstall currently installed version.
      2. Restore the database from the backup.
      3. Download and install previous version of RMsis that you were using before upgrade. Previous versions are available at
        1. You can find out the last version being used before upgrade from the log file "rmsis.log" present in JIRA_HOME/rmsis/logs 
        2. To get the log files, you can also click on RMsis Menu > Send Log Files > Download Zip of Log Files, extract and open the file "rmsis.log"
        3. The version details will be available under the heading Core Application Properties. Refer to the entry just before the upgraded version.
      4. After restoration, you can use the previous version of RMsis for an unlimited time, however you will not be able to update your RMsis installation.
    2. You can also purchase the support license and continue with the upgrade process. 
      1. In order to purchase the support license, please visit and login to your account using your registered ID.
      2. Subsequently, you will be able to purchase support license for your RMsis installation.


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