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  • Can RMsis be configured with Zephyr ?
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Question : Can RMsis be configured with Zephyr ?

Answer :

  • RMsis does not provide any explicit configuration with Zephyr. 
  • The test cases defined in Zephyr are treated as JIRA artifacts in RMsis. 
  • These test cases can be linked to requirements in RMsis by using Traceability/Reverse Traceability functionality.
  • The Traceability view shows the association/ linking of all Requirements of a Project versus other requirements/ test cases/ JIRA Issues.
    • To link an artifact/ Jira issue to a requirement, just click on the corresponding cell of that row. After that a panel will appear containing:
      • Linked Artifacts table showing artifacts linked with this requirement. To unlink an artifact, just click on - .
      • Link New Artifacts table showing artifacts not linked with this requirement. To link an artifact, just click on + , that artifact will be automatically moved to linked artifact table.
    • A detailed description of Traceability is available here: 
  • By using the Reverse Traceability, requirements and test cases associated with a given artifact can be tracked.
    • Reverse Traceability shows an inverse view of the Traceability and here Requirements / Test Case can be linked with an Artifact / Jira issue.
    • The following operations can be performed in Reverse Traceability : Link Requirements, Link Test Cases, Add Artifact, View Artifact .
    • A detailed description of Reverse Traceability is available here :

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