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Question : Do users in RMsis need a license if they’re only going to READ requirements/ test cases that have been created by others? OR

 If a JIRA issue is linked with a requirement(s)/ test case(s), can a user who does not have a license in RMsis access (read) these requirement(s)/ test case(s) from the link present within JIRA?

Answer :

  • Every user who needs to access RMsis will need a license. Hence, RMsis does not allow "read-only" users that do not require additional licenses.

  • A comprehensive access to the Requirements and Test Case Information is through the links / icons provided on the JIRA issues screen, as described here:

  • Since access through these mechanisms open up RMsis Panels, the JIRA users will have to be registered with RMsis.

  • Thus, in your scenario, developers will need an RMsis license to read the Requirements and Test Cases that have been defined in RMsis.

  • Hence, our advise will be to get a license for all Active JIRA Users, who need to access RMsis.

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