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  • Editing committed requirement(s) / test case(s)
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Question : I have committed a requirement and now I can not edit/ delete it. How can I edit this requirement or uncommit this requirement?

Answer : 

  • In RMsis 1.7.8 or previous versions, committed requirements can not be uncommitted/ deleted.
  • However, we have provided a feature to un commit the latest committed version of requirement(s) in RMsis 1.8.0 and later versions.
  • In order to be able to uncommit entities in RMsis, the admin will need to allow uncommit requirement(s)/ test case(s).
  • Please follow the steps mentioned below to enable uncommit of entities in RMsis :
    • Switch to RMsis Administration > Configuration > Application.

    • Scroll down to "Global Configuration" section.
    • Enable the "Allow uncommit of latest version of requirement."/ "Allow uncommit of latest version of test case"/ "Allow uncommit of test run." checkbox available in "Uncommit Requirement(s)/TestCase(s)/TestRun" section.

    • Please note that this operation can be performed only by a user having admin access to JIRA and RMsis.
    • Now you will be able to see uncommit options in requirements/ test cases/ test runs view.
    • If you are not able to see the "Uncommit Version(s)" option after following the steps mentioned above, then it is possible that the role assigned to you in RMsis does not have the permission to uncommit requirement. 
      • In order to be able to uncommit requirement, the user performing this action must be assigned a role having the permission "Uncommit Requirement".
      • Please follow the steps mentioned below to check if the role assigned to you has this permission or not :
        • The project manager has the rights to view and assign roles to a user within a project in RMsis.
          • By default, the user who is Project Lead for a project in JIRA becomes the manager for that project within RMsis.
        • The project manager can assign role to a user (or check roles assigned to a user) within the project by switching to RMsis Home > Project configuration and then scrolling down to "Manage Project Users Roles" table.
        • Please check the role assigned to you in the project in which you want to uncommit requirement.
        • Now switch to RMsis Administration > Roles and make sure that the role assigned to you has the permission "Uncommit Requirement" enabled.
        • After the role assigned to you has this permission enabled, you will be able to see uncommit option in planned requirements view within the "Version/Baseline Actions" dropdown menu. 
  • Note : 
    • When a user commits an entity (requirement/ test case), it is implied that the user wants to permanently save the current state of the entity. 
    • Hence we would advice you to commit an entity only when your entities are finalized and you do not need to make modifications in current version of the entity.
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