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  • Move/ reorder requirements within Planned Requirements table
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Question :  How can I move or reorder requirements within the Planned requirements table?


Answer : 

  • You can use the "Add Requirement Above", "Add Requirement Below" feature along with the "Move" functionality in RMsis to reorder your requirements.

  • By using these features, you can move your requirements to any location within the Planned requirements section.

  • In order to move/or change the location of a requirement within the Planned Requirements you can follow the steps given below,

    • Suppose you have 8 requirements with ID : ONE-R1, ONE-R2..... ONE-R8.

    • If you want to move requirement with ID "ONE-R7" above requirement with ID "ONE-R5"

    • Right click on requirement ONE-R5 and then select "Add requirement above" option from the context menu. {You can also select the requirement ONE-R5 and use "Add requirement above" option available in the drop-down menu with text "Manage Requirements" } 

    • A new blank row will appear above requirement ONE-R5. 

    • Click on the cell corresponding to the Id column in this new created row and enter the Id of the requirement which you want to move to this location (ONE-R7 in current scenario) .


    • Your requirement will be moved to the new location.

    • We have also created a short video demonstrating how requirements can be reordered or moved in Planned requirements section in RMsis. This video is available here :

    • Though the audio / video quality is poor (we are working to improve it), but we hope that it should give you sufficient insight on how to reorder your requirements. (Please run it in 720p / HD mode).


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