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  • Getting error after upgrading to RMsis 1.8.0-r265 : A message "An error has occurred" is displayed
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Question : I upgraded my RMsis installation from RMsis 1.7.8-r206 to RMsis 1.8.0-r265. After upgrading, the following message is displayed :

Error : An error occurred while upgrading RMsis.

 Error : An error occurred while upgrading RMsis.Please contact support with log files to resolve this issue."

How can I access RMsis now?

Answer :

  • If you are using H2 database for RMsis, this issue can occur due to a bug in RMsis 1.8.0-r265 due to which migration from RMsis 1.7.8 to RMsis 1.8.0 fails if internal/ H2 database is used.

Symptoms :

  • After upgrading to RMsis 1.8.0-r265, you will receive an error message "Error : An error occurred while upgrading RMsis."

Solution :

  • Note : 
    • Please note that H2 database is not recommended for production environment.
    • Support for H2/ internal database is planned to be discontinued in future versions of RMsis.
    • We recommend you to switch to an external database like MySQL/ PostgreSQL/MSSQL.
  • If the above specified point is not applicable in your scenario or if your issue is not resolved by the above specified points, 
    • Please send a mail to <> specifying your issue.
    • Also send us the log files using RMsis Menu > Send Log Files.
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