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  • How can I configure to view the attachments in default application?
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Question : When I attach a PNG/ JPEG file using the "Attachments" column in RMsis and then click to view, the image opens in a lightbox. However, when I attach a file of type DOCX or a PDF the option to save the file is presented. How can I configure to use the installed (default) application to display the attachment (e.g. Acrobat reader for PDF files)?  

Answer : 

  • When you attach an image file (of type jpg, png, etc.) and then click on that attachment, the image is opened in a Java Script panel embedded within RMsis.

  • However, when you click on attachments of type other than image like a word document or a PDF file, it can not be opened within RMsis.

  • This is because JavaScript library/ browser support to open such files is not available at present.

  • However, you can configure your browser or OS to open these files in default applications after the files are downloaded.

  • You can follow the steps mentioned below for configuring default applications to open downloaded files for different browsers or OS : 

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
    • After downloading a file, you can select Open/ Always open with System Viewer/ Open with system viewer options to open a file.
    • If you select Always open with System Viewer, the files will always open in selected application after downloading.

  • Others
    • In internet Explorer and Safari, there is no configuration to set a default application to open a downloaded file. 
    • You can download a file and configure settings within your OS to set a default application to open a downloaded file.


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