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Calculation of number of requests:

Few points regarding calculation of number of requests:

  1. Number of test case executions i.e. each test case execution will increment the count by one.
  2. Number of mock requests received by vREST server.
  3. The count doesn't include any API requests received by vREST server useful for managing your vREST data.

Limit on Number of requests:

 We have set the limit of 30,000 requests / month / user and we believe that this is quite a fair limit for a single user for a month. 

How can we increase this limit?

We do not provide any direct provision for increasing the request limit. The only way to increase this limit is by increasing the number of users in your instance.

  1.  This will automatically increase the number of requests in your instance and any user can consume requests from that limit.
  2. or if you purchase the annual plan then number of requests will be 30,000 * 12 * <# users>. And you will get these number of requests upfront to consume.


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