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  • Unable to access RMsis while using Internet Explorer/ Firefox
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Question : I have configured RMsis over HTTPS. I am not able to access/ login to RMsis while using Internet Explorer/ Firefox. How can I access RMsis?  

Answer : 

  • This issue can occur while accessing RMsis over HTTPS/SSL if RMsis is configured to use a Self-Signed Certificate instead of a CA-Signed certificate 
    • In the SSL world, certificates fall into two major categories: self-signed and CA-signed
      • Self-Signed: These are certificates that have not been digitally signed by a CA, which is a method of confirming the identity of the certificate that is being served by the web server. They are signed by themselves, hence the name self-signed.
      • CA-Signed: A certificate that has its identity digitally signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) like Verisign.
    • A self-signed certificate that wasn't issued by a recognised certificate authority is not trusted by default and thus the browsers may display a warning message regarding the same.
  • Now, in order to resolve this issue, you have following two options:
    1. Use a CA-Signed certificate with RMsis instead of a Self-Signed certificate.
      • If you already have a CA-Signed certificate for JIRA, use the details of the same to configure RMsis. RMsis will accept the default certificate configured for JIRA. 
      • A detailed description for RMsis deployment is available at:
      • A detailed description for running RMsis on SSL or HTTPS is available at:
    2. Bypassing the warning by adding an exception to this page:
      • For Firefox:
        • Open firefox and access the URL https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:3060/rm (e.g.https://localhost:3060/rm )
          • Here, 3060 is the port on which RMsis is running.
        • On the warning page, click Advanced.
        • Click Add Exception The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
        • Click Confirm Security Exception for https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:3060
        • Once an exception has been added for RMsis, you will be able to access RMsis.
      • For IE 11:
        • Open JIRA(https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>:8443)
        • Click on Certificate Error(Red icon in the URL) > View Certificate. 
        • Install self signed certificate into Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.
        • Restart IE. 
          • If "Install Certificate" option is not visible, Uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox (Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites)
        • Once the certificate is installed, you will be able to access RMsis.

Please contact us at if the issue being faced by you is not resolved after following the above mentioned points.

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