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vREST is an automated REST API Testing tool which provides the following features:

  1. Regression Testing of your web / mobile application
    1. vREST provides functions to validate your REST APIs. This is the core function of vREST. Writing API test cases will ensure you to avoid any bugs after handing over the application to the client. You will be more confident on the build quality of your web application.
    2. It will also help you to release frequently and shorten the time to market.
    3. For more information, refer writing your first test case.
  2. Record and replay of test cases
    1. No need to write your test cases manually. 
    2. vREST provides HTTP Recorder to record your web application test cases. 
    3. You just need to turn on the recorder and do the manual testing of your web application for the last time. 
    4. vREST will record test cases for you behind the scenes.
    5. For more information, please read HTTP recording via Chrome Extension.
  3. Speed up your development by reducing dependencies among teams
    1. vREST provides functions to define API mocks. By defining API mocks, both teams (Frontend and Backend) can now work in parallel by using them. Frontend team don't have to wait for backend teams to implement REST APIs. They can just use API mocks to start their development.
    2. vREST provides functions to export all of your test cases to API mocks and vice versa with the help of a click.
    3. For more information, refer Mock Server.
  4. Powerful Response Validation
  5. Works for test applications deployed on localhost / intranet / internet.
  6. Integrate with third party tools like JIRA, Slack etc.
  7. Integrate with continuous integration tools like Jenkins etc.
  8. Imports from Swagger, Postman ...
  9. Data driven testing
  10. DB Validation after executing API test cases.
  11. Ability to execute / validate multipart requests efficiently.
  12. Ability to execute same test cases on multiple environments like dev, prod, staging etc.
  13. Scheduling of test cases via external cron utility with the help of vrunner module.
  14. Ability to execute test cases on command line via vrunner module.

We are well known for our customer support. So, if you face any issues while using vREST, feel free to ping us on live chat (if available) or drop your query by sending an email to us.

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