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Setup / Installation:

Step by step guide to install vutil:

  1. Clone / download the vutil repository in the directory of your choice.

    1. If you have installed git, then you may clone the repository with the following command: 

      git clone
    2. OR you may download the repository from github. It will be downloaded as directory vutil-master. Rename this directory to vutil.

  2. Now, copy the config.sample.json into config.json. 

    cd vutil
    copy config.sample.json config.json 

    Note: Whenever there is a change in config.json file, then you need to restart the vutil server.

  3. Now, install the dependencies of the vutil module

    npm install
  4. Now, vutil server is ready to start. Simply execute the following command to start the vutil server. You may change the port number with the following command.

    set PORT=4080 
    node server.js

That's it. You may access vutil server on http://localhost:4080. You may also set this URL as global variable vutilBaseURL which you may use in vREST test cases.

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